A Will stays valid and does not expire, however, there are times when you should update and renew your Will. 

When you get married, it's essential to create a new Will that includes your spouse and addresses any children from a previous relationship. Updating your Will becomes crucial to address substitute provisions like guardianship and maintenance. If you are separated but not divorced, updating your Will is necessary as the law may still treat you as legally married upon death. 

Changes in family dynamics, such as welcoming new children or grandchildren, should prompt a Will review also. Additionally, adjustments are necessary with changes in your property portfolio, like buying a new house or acquiring a second home, to avoid tax issues and ensure accurate distribution. Additionally, if a named individual in your Will passes away, understanding how their death affects gifts or inheritance is crucial. Likewise, if your chosen executor becomes unsuitable or unable to fulfill their role, appointing a replacement is necessary to avoid complications in estate administration


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