When a household splits in two, the strain on the family finances is great. An uncertain time for you and your family can become more stressful when trying to reach a fair and practical agreement on money


At GloverPriest Solicitors, our Family Law Team have the experience and skill to deal with all aspects of financial settlements during your divorce. This includes:

In divorce cases, GloverPriest Solicitors acts for husbands and wives and represents both the main breadwinner and spouses who have been supported financially during the marriage. We see things clearly from both sides and will negotiate forcefully, whatever your financial position.

Asset Protection Solicitors

If your spouse is concealing assets or you are afraid that he or she may be attempting to dispose of property, we will act urgently to protect you, asking the court to freeze assets that are under threat.


Our Approach

While you may want to move on as quickly as possible after your marriage has ended, disputes over finances often prolong the divorce process. We will always try to settle disputes by reaching agreement. Not only can this speed things up, but a divorce settlement that you agree to and that is not decided by a judge will often work out more effectively in practice because both you and your spouse have ownership of it.

Agreement depends on both sides being open and honest about their financial affairs. We work closely with accountants and financial advisors and are quick to spot those cases where full disclosure of assets has not been made. In these cases, our priority is to move things forward and initiate court proceedings immediately.

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