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Having an employment lawyer for your business is a valuable company asset. Whether you're refining contracts with employees, suppliers, or stakeholders, recovering commercial debts, or settling disputes among shareholders or directors, having a skilled business employment legal team is essential.

When do you need employment law advice as an employer?

You will likely need employment law advice as an employer if you're starting a new business or dealing with issues as an established employer. 

Employment law experts help create important and legally binding documents like employment contracts and handbooks that cover company policies. You will also find legal advice helpful when making redundancies or recruiting fairly and legally. In addition, it’s a good idea to get legal guidance when going through disciplinary or grievance processes or when making dismissal decisions. Seeking professional support helps to avoid unnecessary disputes or issues.

Employers may also need employment law advice to help comply with general employment and health and safety rules. Keeping up with changing laws can be tough for a busy business owner. That's why having a reliable lawyer to check, advise, and guide you is key for your company to run smoothly and successfully.

How can GloverPriest help?

Understanding and keeping up with employment laws is crucial for your business to meet its legal obligations. Our expertise covers various areas, including:

To help you explore our services, we provide a free introductory meeting with a member of our legal team in certain employment law areas. This 30-minute meeting allows you to get to know our firm, meet your solicitor, and discuss your case. 

While this initial meeting doesn't offer specific advice, if you need more detailed guidance beyond the first 30 minutes, you can continue into a longer consultation, which will be chargeable. Your solicitor will inform you of the associated costs.

Contact our employment law advice solicitors

At GloverPriest, we provide friendly and transparent employment advice. If you would like further advice on business employment matters, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our expert solicitors today. Complete our enquiry form.

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