Evicting Tenants From Property

Evicting Tenants From Property

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The law is designed to protect both landlords and tenants, in effect stopping them from taking matters into their own hands. If you want to serve your tenant with a notice and reclaim your property, we can help using our three-stage tenant eviction process.

Stage 1 – serve notice on the tenant

Stage 2 – court possession proceedings 

Stage 3 – tenant eviction by bailiff 

Our Litigation Team has a wealth of experience and resources to find solutions to even the most complicated cases.

The main areas we cover are:


Eviction Notice

Evicting a tenant(s) can be a daunting process, so whether your tenant is in rent arrears, or has breached their tenancy in another way, or you simply require possession of your property you need a legal team that understands the intricacies of Housing Law.

Common reasons for eviction

All landlords will at some stage have a tenant who requires eviction. The process to evict is technical and time consuming. Let us take that stress away.

Consequences of Wrongful Eviction

It can be a frustrating process to evict a tenant, landlords must not use any of the following tactics to remove the tenant from the property:

If you attempt or even if you are successful in evicting a tenant under any illegal circumstances, you may be unable to retain possession of your property and could face criminal proceedings including a fine or a jail sentence.

Our eviction solicitors offer a free initial consultation. To arrange a consultation call us on 0121 794 5814. 

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