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Why are mortgage lenders offering green mortgages?
How long does Power of Attorney (LPA) last in England?
New eviction rules that will shake up the rental market
What is an interim child arrangements order?
What is a Deed of Trust?
How do you buy out a partner?
Can you make a Will if you don’t have the mental capacity?
Can my partner adopt my child without the biological father's consent?
Zero deposit mortgage introduced for first-time buyers
What rights does a civil partner have?
What assets cannot be split in a divorce in the UK?
How do I set up an LPA?
What happens to your business after a divorce?
Can I clear a house before probate?
What are the benefits of buying a new build property?
The new Building Safety Act 2022: How does it affect leasehold buyers?
How do you calculate the purchase price of a freehold property?
What happens if your lease runs out?
What are the rules for extending a lease?
What custody arrangement is best for a child?
What makes a divorce more complicated?
How do I know if my house is on the Land Registry?
Who can override a power of attorney in the UK?
What happens if an executor dies?
What are digital assets, and can you inherit them?
What is a Codicil?
How do you create a trust?
What is the process of equity release?
Can you vary a Child Arrangements Order?
Can Power Of Attorney Change A Will?
On what grounds can you challenge a Will?
What’s the Difference Between Being Married and Cohabiting?
How Can I Benefit From The Mortgage Guarantee Scheme As A First-Time Buyer?
How Much Money Do You Need to Set up a Trust in the UK?
Blue Light Card Discounts
What happens in a financial remedy hearing?
How do I protect myself financially from divorce?
How do I find hidden assets in a divorce?
What can go wrong with probate?
How is wealth divided in high net worth divorce?
How does remortgaging work?
How can I protect myself without a prenuptial agreement?
Does the length of marriage affect a divorce settlement?
When do I need a prenup?
What happens when one spouse doesn’t want a divorce?
What happens if an executor makes a mistake?
Can I take equity from my house?
What is the process of Transfer of Equity?
Do you have to split everything in a divorce?
When should I make a Will?
GloverPriest Runners Up at the Family Law Awards 2022
What is considered an unstable home for a child?
Is now the right time to remortgage my house?
What rights do cohabiting partners have?
Is now the right time to sell a house?
Can my ex stop my child from seeing my new partner?
How to start your divorce
How will the current financial situation impact your divorce?
GloverPriest Tamworth Food Bank w/ The Trussell Trust
Who is entitled to the house in a divorce?
How do I get a divorce if my husband won’t leave?
How can I see my child without going to court?
Do you need a Lasting Power of Attorney instead of an Enduring Power of Attorney?
Can I get a divorce without any reason?
What happens if I don’t stick to a child arrangement order?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of a trust?
What is the difference between an Attorney and a Deputy?
GloverPriest: Family Law Firm of the Year Finalists
What are the risks of fraud to my property?
How serious is Japanese Knotweed and how does it affect your property?
Do you always need probate?
What are the risks of buying a house without a survey?
Does my property need to be registered with the Land Registry?
Do I need a lawyer for a divorce?
How does child custody work in the UK?
What is the new Leasehold Reform (ground rent) Act 2022?
Can you write your own Will in the UK?
What are the four types of child custody?
Who can remove a child?
Is it worth contesting a Will?
What is the 7-year rule in Inheritance Tax?
What do I need to consider when selling property in probate?
Lasting Power of Attorney: Health and Welfare vs Property and Financial
Are shared ownership houses a good idea?
What is the Trust Registration Service?
How much does it cost to get a divorce in the UK?
What happens if someone does not have a Will?
Right to Buy scheme extension: Can I benefit?
Probate court fee increase: How does this affect me?
What does successful co-parenting after divorce look like?
GloverPriest attend the Landlord Investment Show
How do I remove tenants from my rental property?
I want to sell my house, where do I start?
Do I need a solicitor for probate?
How does a court decide child arrangements after separation?
Gifting property to children: where do I stand?
What happens if I don’t have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place?
How do I gather assets from a deceased’s estate?
Can I take my child abroad without the other parent’s consent?
What are my rights as a father to see my children?
What steps should I take when someone dies?
When is the best time to sell your house?
What is the difference between freehold and leasehold property?
What does the court consider when dividing assets in a divorce?
What can I do if I am excluded from a Will?
The opening of our brand new Lichfield office - Brooke House
How will no-fault divorce benefit couples?
Can someone abuse their position as lasting power of attorney?
We've raised £10,000 for Compton Care
We’re Supporting Mission Christmas
We've just launched our brand new Client Conveyancing Portal
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Family Provision Claims / Claims under the Inheritance
Divorce reform on the horizon
The Dangers Of Giving Away Your Property
The importance of a Will when you have children under 18
Pre-nuptial Agreements – Sensible or Cynical?
Splitting Up? Dividing Pensions on Divorce or Dissolution
Divorce Reform Laws
Grandparents - Fear of losing touch?
Child Arrangements Following Separation
Vaccination of a child – what if we disagree?
Will I lose my home after separation
A young persons perspective on Wills & LPA
You know you should have a will, but do you have one?
Furlough Leave – How does the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme work?
What people look for when choosing a Solicitors
What is the Modern Method of Auction Online?
We raised £223,550 for Charity from our free Wills Month
Can we talk… Transfer of Equity?
Deal or no Deal that is the Question
The Home Office or Immigration Judge can simply get it...
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