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If you wish to change your name, you may want to use a Change of Name Deed or commonly known as a Deed Poll so that you have formal written evidence to present to official organisations.

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Change of Name Solicitor

Our experienced family law team are dedicated to helping you in any way they can and answering any questions you may have, by providing straightforward and practical legal advice.

In some areas of family law, we offer an introductory meeting with a member of our legal team. This meeting is free and designed for you to get to know our firm, your solicitor and to discuss your case. By completing this initial meeting, you can make an informed choice about how you want to move forward to get the best results.

This initial meeting is up to 30 minutes long and free of charge. This meeting is not designed to offer advice. If specific advice is required and you’d like to continue past the 30 minutes, please let your solicitor know and you may be able to carry on into a more detailed consultation. This time will be chargeable, but your solicitor will tell you how much it will be.


How do I change my name?

The process of changing your name is straight forward and involves a change of name deed document being prepared setting out your old name and your new adopted name.

How much does a change of name cost?

The costs from £100 plus VAT per person. The fee is due at your very first meeting with GloverPriest Solicitors and covers the cost of drafting the deed, your copies of the deed, and having it witnessed.


Are there any restrictions?


Any person can apply to change their name by Deed Poll no matter what their age is. The only thing that will be affected is whether the application is made for an adult or for a child Deed Poll.
Children between the age of 16 and 18, must apply for their own Adult Deed Poll, and do not need to seek the consent of those holding parental responsibility for them.
For children under the age of 16, a person holding parental responsibility for the child must apply for the Deed Poll. In order for the document to be accepted by professional bodies such as the passport office, it is necessary for all those holding parental responsibility to give their consent to the name change. If an agreement cannot be reached, then a court order can be obtained to resolve the dispute.

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