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Wills, Trust, LPA & Probate

It’s difficult to imagine life after you’re gone, that’s why many people leave it until the very last minute to make decisions about what will happen to themselves, their assets and their loved ones when they’ve passed or become unwell.

While making plans for your future can seem daunting, leaving things until the last minute can make things very difficult for your family if you become ill/incapacitated or after you’re gone.

Planning for all eventualities as early as possible, whether that’s writing a Will, designating a Lasting Power of Attorney or creating an Inheritance Tax Plan, can be peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

At GloverPriest, our compassionate and sympathetic team of specialist solicitors can provide expert advice, support and guidance so you can rest assured your future plans and final wishes will be respected.

Why is Writing a Will Important?

A lot of people assume that, when they’ve passed, their assets (like their home, savings and possessions) will automatically be transferred to their next of kin - but the law isn’t always that simple.

If you’re not married or in a civil partnership it’s even more vital to write a Will as, without one, your partner doesn’t hold the right to inherit your assets when you’re gone. 

Our specialist Will writing solicitors are here to help you plan for your family’s future and protect your assets after you’ve passed. Our Will writing team has extensive experience in preparing Wills to cover all circumstances, with single Wills available from £215 +VAT and mirror Wills from £375 +VAT.

For more information, visit our Making a Will page or get in touch.

Free Wills Scheme

At GloverPriest, we’re proud to be a part of the Alzheimer’s Society’s Will to Remember scheme and Cancer Research UK’s Free Will Service.

Both charities work incredibly hard to support those who are affected by these complex conditions and diseases, which is why we’re supporting them to raise awareness and vital funds through gifts in Wills. 

While you must be referred by the Alzheimer’s Society to be eligible for a free simple Will, the only restriction with Cancer Research’s Free Will Service is that you must be over 18.

Anyone who wishes to use either service is asked to consider leaving a legacy gift in their Will but is under no obligation to do so.

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process of dealing with the estate and assets of someone who has passed away. The process generally involves clearing any outstanding debts and distributing their assets or inheritance in accordance with their Will.

Probate can either be very simple or very complex, depending on whether or not the deceased left a Will.

If the deceased left a Will, it will name a trusted individual (or ‘Executor’) to administer the estate.

If there is no Will, the Rules of Intestacy will determine who can administer the estate - usually a spouse, civil partner or child - via a Grant of Letters of Administration.

Our expert solicitors at GloverPriest can advise on or help with any stage of the probate process, offering an outstanding legal service at a highly competitive cost personalised for each of our clients.

Does Everyone Need a Grant of Probate?

No, a Grant of Probate isn’t always necessary, particularly if there's only jointly-owned property and money which will automatically pass to the other owner (for example a spouse or civil partner), or when there is only a ‘small estate’.

If you’d like more advice about the probate process or are looking for legal support to guide you through the process, you can contact our specialist Probate team here.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows a trusted relative, friend or professional (such as a solicitor) to make decisions about your financial affairs or health and welfare on your behalf, should you become unable to (loss of mental capacity).

There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney - Health and Welfare and/or Property and Financial Affairs. If you’re creating an LPA before losing mental capacity, you can choose one or both of these options.

If you lose mental capacity before making a Lasting Power of Attorney, your trusted relative, friend or professional (known as an attorney) will need to liaise with the Court of Protection to obtain a ‘deputyship’, in which the decisions made will be in your best interest. 

Although you can create and submit a Lasting Power of Attorney document yourself, it’s always recommended that you have a specialist LPA solicitor do the work for you to make sure your wishes are properly documented and respected.

Our highly qualified experts provide a comprehensive and compassionate service to give you and your family the very best advice.

Feel free to get in touch or, alternatively, you can start your Lasting Power of Attorney with GloverPriest here.

What is Inheritance Tax Planning?

Inheritance Tax is a levy charged on the estate, savings and assets of a person after they’ve passed away, taken before the inheritance is shared. 

Inheritance Tax is currently charged at 40%, however, this is only on estates valued at over £325,000. If your estate is valued less than that, it won’t be subject to Inheritance tax.

Inheritance Tax Planning involves taking certain actions that can either mitigate or reduce the taxable amount after your death. This can include writing a Will, making gifts, using trusts, minimising your estate and more. 

It’s important that Inheritance Tax is never considered on its own, as it can also interact with Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax. 

Get in touch with GloverPriest’s experienced lawyers, who can advise on the best course of action depending on your individual circumstances, helping you avoid any unintended consequences and making sure your loved ones receive the most from your estate.

Estate Administration

When someone writes a Will, they’ll appoint Executors to handle their estate after their death. However, for those who didn’t write a Will, the people who deal with their assets are known as Estate Administrators.

At GloverPriest, our team of specialists can help by arranging the transfer or sale of any shares and working with the Residential Conveyancing team to handle the sale of any property or land owned by the deceased. They can also liaise directly with banks or mortgage lenders, obtain Grants of Probate or Letters of Administration, work with HM Revenue and Customs to deal with any liable tax and much more.

While it’s not compulsory to enlist the support of a solicitor for handling an estate after someone’s passing, it’s often recommended to ensure that all complex matters are handled quickly and efficiently, especially when it comes to matters of tax.


Let GloverPriest give you friendly, highly skilled, professional support to ensure that your wishes are carried out. 

We give our private clients complete peace of mind by ensuring that any assets that they own are used in ways that they would choose. Many people take comfort in seeing this as an integral part of their future financial planning.

Trust our thorough specialists Wills, Trusts, LPA and Probate solicitors to explain the processes, work with you to ensure you have covered all of the basics, and go into further detail where appropriate, ensuring the final product is exactly what you need and want.

Get in touch today, and let GloverPriest make sure it's your final wishes that are carried out rather than leaving the decision up to others.

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