Sale of Goods Disputes

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Goods or services provided must align with the agreed description and, importantly, must be fit for their intended purpose, ensuring they are not broken, damaged, or spoiled.

Sale of Goods Disputes

Goods or services provided must align with the agreed description and, importantly, must be fit for their intended purpose, ensuring they are not broken, damaged, or spoiled. In commercial disputes arising from the sale of goods or supply of services, issues like interruptions to stock supplies or concerns about the quality of goods supplied can significantly impact a company's day-to-day operations and harm its reputation. 

When creating contracts for supplying goods, it's crucial to consider key terms for a smooth understanding between the parties involved.

By addressing these aspects, parties can create clear and effective contracts for supplying goods, promoting a positive business relationship. It's advisable to seek legal advice to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

How can GloverPriest help?

To avoid sale of goods disputes getting worse or turning into expensive legal battles, it's important to seek advice from legal experts early on. Solicitors who focus on commercial disputes can help guide you through the issues, explain your contract responsibilities and suggest ways to resolve conflicts.

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At GloverPriest, we provide friendly and transparent legal advice. If you would like further advice on sale of goods dispute matters, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our expert contract solicitors today. Complete our enquiry form.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are sale of goods disputes?

Sale of goods disputes commonly arise when there are interruptions in the supply chain, questioning the quality of goods delivered, or encountering defects in goods or services. Additionally, alterations to the original agreement can also contribute to disagreements. These disputes may manifest as challenges related to the timing and consistency of supply, doubts about the agreed-upon quality standards, or concerns regarding the functionality of the goods or services provided. Aspects such as changes in specifications, quantities, or delivery terms may further exacerbate disagreements, emphasising the importance of clear contractual terms and effective dispute-resolution mechanisms to address these issues promptly and amicably.

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What are my rights under the Sale of Goods Act?

When you buy something, it should be good quality, not broken, and suitable for what you bought it for. It should also match the description you were given. If it doesn't, you have rights under the Consumer Rights Act which replaced the Sale of Goods Act.

In the first 30 days after buying, you can return it and get a full refund if it doesn't meet these criteria. After 30 days, you can still ask for a repair or replacement. If something goes wrong within the first six months, it's assumed it was a problem from the start. The seller has to prove otherwise. If a repair or replacement doesn't work, you can get a full refund or a reduced price.

After six months, you need to show the problem existed when you bought it. Understanding these rights helps you know what to do if what you bought doesn't meet these standards.

How do you resolve consumer disputes?

You could resolve a consumer dispute in a number of ways depending on the nature of the dispute. You could raise a formal complaint or you could go through alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, negotiation or arbitration or court proceedings. The best thing to do if you cannot resolve the matter through simple communication with the other party is to instruct a solicitor to help with the sale of goods or consumer disputes to find the most suitable solution in your best interests.

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