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GloverPriest Solicitors are commercial lease solicitors who work with both landlords and tenants. We have a deep understanding of the law and the commercial property market,

The conveyancing process is said to be one of the most stressful experiences of your life, but it is also one of the most exciting.

We understand that having a supportive conveyancing solicitor is vital to help you through this process.

What is a Commercial Lease?

A commercial lease in the UK is a legally binding contract between a landlord and a tenant that allows the tenant to use a commercial property for a specified period of time in exchange for rent. Commercial leases are typically more complex than residential leases, and they often contain more specific terms and conditions.

Commercial Leases for Landlords

If you are renting the property to a tenant, it is important to consider security of drafting a lease and incorporating agreed Terms between yourself and a prospective tenant. We can deal with drafting Leases for any form of commercial premises, whether that be for a retail premises, shop or offices, Glover Priest can assist.

It is ideal to have discussions already prepared, that will incorporate a Heads of Terms. A Heads of Terms is a document which refers to the agreed terms between a Landlord and Tenant(s).

This form will include; the length or term of the lease, any rent payable, rent review dates, break clauses, security of tenure under the Landlord & Tenant Act, permitted uses of the Property, alteration permissions and any further agreed terms that you find applicable to the lease you wish to draft.

If you have dealt with an agent, it is likely that the agent will have drafted up an agreed heads of terms which can be distributed to all parties on agreement.

Once terms have been agreed, we can begin the drafting process.

We can draft your Lease and Rent Deposit deed if applicable, we will correspond with you on every occasion to ensure the draft lease is satisfactory to your requests and in line with the Heads of Terms.

If you are receiving a rent deposit from your tenant, then a Rent Deposit Deed may be necessary to secure the deposit. We can draft a Rent Deposit Deed incorporating terms of security for you as Landlord.

Service for Landlords


Commercial Leases For Tenants

As opposed to acting for a Landlord, we can also act on behalf of the Tenant for any commercial premises. The procedure will be slightly different than for Landlords.

It is the Landlords responsibility to draft the Lease in accordance with those terms, we will then review the Lease and ensure that there are no onerous clauses, and the Lease has been drafted in compliance with the terms that you have agreed with the Landlord.

We will raise any enquiries based on the Lease documentation, and ensure you are kept up-to-date on all correspondence between parties.

We will report to you on the Lease, and the inclusions within so that you are fully aware of your rights and obligations under the Lease. Dependent on Term, you may also be obligated to register the Lease at the Land Registry, of which our team are more than capable of doing for you.

As a tenant, you will have many more obligations under the Lease than the Landlord, and it is important to be fully aware of the Lease you may or may not be signing up to before you agree to complete.

We can help assist you and keep you fully aware of your situation in order to facilitate a swift and understandable process where you wish to lease a commercial premises.

Service for Tenants

Why GloverPriest?

Our commercial property lawyers are experts in commercial leases. We can help you negotiate the best possible terms for your lease, identify any hidden risks, and deal with complex issues that may arise, such as dilapidations, early termination, selling a lease, or subletting.

We take a proactive approach to every transaction. We will keep you informed and in control throughout the process, so you can achieve your objectives even against the most demanding deadlines..

We understand that you need the sort of professional support that will promote your business plans. For more information on how we can help support you with your commercial lease, please contact one of our commercial property specialists.



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