Commercial Property Solicitors

Commercial Property Solicitors

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Commercial Property Solicitors

We are here to help with any type of property from shops and offices to barn conversions, industrial units, commercial trading estates, retail and leisure developments and large residential estates.

Commercial Property Solicitors

At GloverPriest, we offer comprehensive commercial property leasing services to landlords and tenants. Our experienced team of solicitors are experienced in dealing with the complexities of commercial leases or purchases. 

Whether you are an owner, occupier, investor or developer, you need expert legal advice from a specialist Commercial Property Solicitor as someone who guide you through the process.
Our commercial team of expert lawyers can advise on many aspects of commercial conveyancing transactions, including the following:

Whether you are buying or selling a freehold or leasehold property, our solicitors can assist you throughout the entire process. We provide comprehensive legal advice, review contracts, conduct property searches, handle negotiations, and ensure a smooth transaction. We prioritize your best interests, ensuring that your rights are protected and that the transaction is completed efficiently.

Our expertise extends beyond commercial lease negotiation and drafting. We offer a full range of services related to commercial leases, including lease assignments, renewals, and variations. Our solicitors can guide you through the process of transferring or renewing a lease, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and that your interests are protected.

We assist with site acquisitions, plot acquisitions and sales, and advise on development agreements and financing options. Our team has extensive experience in navigating the complexities of property development and can help you achieve your development goals.

When acquiring sites for development or investment purposes, it is crucial to conduct thorough due diligence and negotiate favorable terms. Our solicitors can assist you with property searches, title investigations, contract review, and negotiations to ensure a smooth and secure acquisition process.

Whether you are a developer or an individual looking to buy or sell a plot of land, we provide expert legal assistance. GloverPriest will guide you through the process, including contract negotiation, title investigation, planning permissions, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

If you are a tenant planning to make alterations to a leased property, we can help you obtain the necessary licences and permissions. 

We understand that circumstances may change, requiring the termination of a lease before its expiration. We'll help guide you through break clauses and early lease termination provisions, advising on the legal implications and negotiating with the other party to reach an agreement that protects your interests.

We have extensive experience handling all types of commercial property, including:

At GloverPriest, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle a wide range of commercial property types. With our wealth of experience and comprehensive legal knowledge, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients and let you continue to run your business freely.

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