A fair child arrangement is one that fits the needs of the child in which each parent can see the child as much as is reasonably possible unless the parents pose a risk of harm to the child.

A 50/50 split would be the most fair arrangement and the court does try to achieve this, but sometimes this may not be possible in the circumstances. 

The paramount concern for judges in the UK centers on the welfare of the child, irrespective of the parents' preferences. The court evaluates the child's physical, mental, and emotional requirements, and sometimes takes into account the child's preferences if they are able to express them. 


Judges conduct a thorough examination of these elements with the aim of establishing a custody arrangement that will best promote the child's overall well-being.


There is no one-size-fits-all child arrangement, as each family, child, and situation is distinctive. Nevertheless, the best arrangement prioritises the child's best interests. Every family has its own set of characteristics, and every child is an individual with distinct qualities.


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