87% of consumers from a YouGov survey stated they look for “quality of legal advice” to be the most important factor when choosing a legal services provider while only 40% put trust in more well-known law firm brands. 
Whatever your legal problem is, finding the right solicitor is crucial to successfully resolving that problem. 
There are two options available when it comes to choosing a solicitor, do you rely on recommendations from others or do you choose one yourself at random?
It is a proven fact that the best place to get advice about a firm is from someone that has been in a similar situation as they are perfectly placed to explain the advantages and disadvantages they experienced. At GloverPriest we actively encourage all our clients to review their experiences with us via www.reviewsolicitors.co.uk as this allows unbiased feedback on our services and let new potential clients make a informed choice. 
Our reviews speak for themselves; GloverPriest Solicitors is ranked in the top 20 law firms in the UK out of more than 11,000, with 95% of all our clients saying they would recommend us to others.
What about cost?
Legal bills can, in some extreme cases run in the tens of thousands of pounds but for the majority this isn’t the case. Shopping around can leave you with a lot of differing price options, making the lowest a tempting choice. 
Low cost law firms or conveyancing factories shout about their cheap prices, the secret they won’t tell you is that they are the cheapest because they want to be as no firm wants to lower their costs to next to nothing. Their costs are often a result of the continual struggle to attract and retain clients and sell on cost not their quality of service.
Our prices are competitive, and we are by no means the most expensive but what we are is realistic. Our aim as a firm is to ensure a first-class service, with a one to one relationship between you and us offering the best value for money and offering you the best possible result. 
At GloverPriest Solicitors we feel that we have the right answers to your concerns. Feel free to get in touch and we would be happy to talk through your questions and requirements. 

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At GloverPriest, we understand navigating the law can be a difficult task to take on alone. That’s why we created this comprehensive guide to help promote information for everyone to use.

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