Back in March 2019 Hayley Palmer at our Wellingborough Office took part in Free Wills Month which is designed to help raise money for selected charities by providing free wills to anyone aged 55 or over. This amazing service raises money for charities such as Guide Dogs, the British Heart Foundation, The Royal British Legion, Marie Curie, and many more, subsequently helping to improve and protect the lives of millions of people across the UK.

The income of many charities comes from legacies left to them which is why the service that Free Wills Month provides is so amazing, as it encourages people to donate to a charity of their choice by having a will made for free. GloverPriest also takes part in another similar campaign throughtout the year out of several of our offices, raising money for UK leading charities.

In March 2019, Hayley Palmer Probate Executive at Wellingborough in just 1 month raised a stunning £223,550 of future income for the Free Wills Month charities. The future income raised for these charities helps to save and change millions of valuable lives over the UK and overseas, which is why GloverPriest takes part in and fully supports these campaigns with pride.

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