GloverPriest attend the Landlord Investment Show

We attended last month’s National Landlord Investment exhibition which connects thousands of landlords, investors, and property professionals around the country. 

The Landlord Investment Show is ideal for those wanting to expand their knowledge on renting or investing in property and those needing expert services in the property sector. We met other professionals providing financial advice, landlord insurance, investment opportunities, tax advice, and property management to name a few. 

Attending the exhibition was an incredible experience for GloverPriest. It meant that we could network with other like-minded companies and individuals who need our help with buy-to-let or within the private rental sector. 

We felt that we made a lasting impression and it was an invaluable opportunity to advertise our specialist services to developers and other companies. In turn, we gained some great insight that we can use to benefit our clients. 

The day was a success for all involved and we would relish the chance to attend another event at the Landlord Investment Show in the future. 

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