Most separations are amicable, and many separating couples decide between themselves the arrangements for the children.  The court adopts a non-intervention principle. This means that a court order is not necessary to ratify the agreed arrangements.

There are sadly those situations where a dispute arises. One of the most common is arrangements for the children to spend time with a parent. The children may spend little time with a parent, arrangements may be ad hoc, changed or cancelled at the last minute or non-existent.  So, what can be done?

Court is a last resort. Negotiation through a solicitor or mediator may resolve matters in a conciliatory, timely and cost-efficient way.  If no agreement is reached the court has the power to decide how the children spend time with a parent. An order is enforceable with sanctions for a breach.
The court can decide with whom the children reside. Shared care arrangements may be possible.

There are other issues which may arise in respect of the children. Does a father seek Parental Responsibility?  Are there specific issues to resolve such as a change of name for a child, where a child goes to school or is there an issue over medical treatment?  There are many other specific issues which the court can resolve. 

Are you concerned that a parent may not return a child? If there is a genuine cause for concern, then an order can be made to prevent this from happening. Orders can be made for the immediate return of a child.

Sometimes it is necessary to take urgent action through the court in respect of a child.  

If any of these issues resonate with you, GloverPriest solicitors can help you to resolve issues relating to your children.  GloverPriest solicitors has a presence across the Midlands with offices in Wellingborough, Tamworth, Lichfield, Great Barr, Kings Heath, Quinton and Stourbridge. 

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