Monday saw the opening of our brand new Lichfield office (Brooke House).  A building which is steeped in a rich history. 

A huge thank you to the mayor for attending the grand opening. Also, for his kind words and the hopes for GloverPriest to provide quality legal services to the local community. We’re incredibly excited about the future in Lichfield and providing expert and personable services to the area. We’re looking to immerse the business into Lichfield and provide support where possible.

Brooke House is a stunning building, in a stunning location, and whilst right in the city centre it is easily accessible to our valued clients and customers. 
We think it is a brilliant place to work, and a superb base from which to offer our outstanding range of solicitor’s services to the local community and beyond - and because it is close to the iconic cathedral that dominates the Lichfield skyline it really is very easy to find, too. 
Near-by, you’ll find not only the cathedral, but also Minster Pool and Stowe Pool too, plus the impressive Beacon Park plus any number of tiny atmospheric streets and nooks and crannies.

At GloverPriest, what we love about Brooke House is that it’s a property that has both visual appeal and charm, but also tons of character and history, too. It’s a beautiful three-storey building that was given listed status in 1952 and is a property whose history is entwined directly with that of Lichfield’s. Brooke House takes its name from Richard Greville (Lord Brooke) who was a General that led the Parliamentarian forces against the Royalist troops during the first siege of the Cathedral Close in Lichfield during the English Civil War, over 370 years ago. 

It seems that Lord Brooke was killed by a sniper positioned in the cathedral, and this is commemorated by a plaque that is above the front door of the property to this day. The present Brooke House is now over two centuries old, but the plaque dates back well beyond that, after it was commissioned by Richard Greene, the man who established the very first museum in Lichfield. 

The inscription on the plaque reads:
 ‘March 2nd 1643 Lord Brooke, a general of the Parliament Forces, preparing to besiege the Close of Lichfield, then garrisoned for King Charles the First, received his death wound on the spot beneath this inscription by a shot in the forehead, from Mr Dyott, a gentleman who had placed himself on the battlements of the Great Steeple to annoy the besiegers.’

Brooke House is a property with a rich and colourful past, and we hope that it has a bright future, too. At GloverPriest, we can assure you of a warm welcome when visiting our superb new Lichfield office.

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