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A transfer of equity serves as a practical tool for adjusting property ownership to meet changing circumstances and financial objectives. Unlike selling the entire property, it allows for changes in co-ownership status, providing flexibility and options for individuals involved. 

One significant advantage is the ability to adjust the percentage of the share owned by co-owners or to buy out a co-owner's share, which can be helpful in various situations such as changes in relationships or investment strategies. 

Additionally, a transfer of equity enables the addition of a spouse to the property's deed following marriage or remarriage, facilitating joint ownership. It also allows for the removal of an ex-partner from the deed in the event of divorce, streamlining property ownership arrangements.

This process can be used to reduce future inheritance tax liabilities or to capitalise on personal capital gains limits, offering potential financial advantages for property owners. 

You can read our full guide to Transfer of Equity by clicking the highlighted text.


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