In short, no, a quick sale cannot be guaranteed because it is dependent on many factors. 


In 2022, the average time it takes to go through the buying and selling process is 18 weeks, but this is if everything goes smoothly.


Be aware that timelines can change depending on the circumstances of the buyer and the seller and that conveyancing issues can pop up and prolong the process. 


It can take around 4-12 weeks once the terms of the purchase/sale have been accepted for the survey and solicitors' checks to be made. If any legal issues are identified, this could slow the process down as further checks may be required. 


The solicitor will also need to request copies of contracts and other documents from the other party which also takes time. If you are in a conveyancing chain, it may be that you have to wait for other parties along the chain before you are able to progress with your sale or purchase. This is why a quick timescale cannot be guaranteed. 


If for instance, all parties are in agreement that a fast sale should go ahead, then it is likely that everybody can work together to make it happen, unless unexpected obstacles arise. 


In saying this, where possible, we will try to accommodate any requests for quicker than normal transactions but cannot guarantee dates (excluding auction purchases), this may carry additional fees.


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